Whole Pig Roast Catering

This is where I will explain a bit of my background and describe how I got involved roasting pigs. As a kid I grew up in a restaurant my grandmother owned and my mother was the cook. One of the best cooks I have had the honor of knowing. In the 50's and 60's things were pretty crude at that time. You would kill and pluck your own chickens and everything else just about that was on the menu. Being at my mother side in the kitchen I became the second in command and through this whole learning process I have been in love with all the different types of foods that we ate. On camping trips we made Goat (Birria) and this is where I have always been fascinated on cooking goats and pigs and everything else.  I roasted my first pig at seventeen years old and actually cooked it on the spit.  This 200 lbs. pig took me twenty four hours to cook let alone my mother telling me that I was out of my mind and out of my league. Well after all said and done.  The pig came out fantastic, I knew this was the start of my own way of cooking.  As time went on I roasted pigs in BBQ, under ground, ovens and about every other way you can think of. When I turned 20 years old I had a friend who was a retired Admiral from the US Navy.  He told me he was having a party and was inviting some retired Generals and Colonels, old military friends and wanted me to roast a pig for him. Well that was quite a request, I didn't mind  doing it when I had a party but I was totally frightened by the fact that what if something goes wrong? He told me "you do it all the time what's the problem, this time your getting paid". So I did it and all is History. After spending 12 years in the Hawaiian Islands and Islands of Tahiti, roasted pigs are number one. Now my slogan is "Taking it to the Streets" and everyone has an experience of a lifetime and having a blast. Their is a lot more to this story but it will take me about a month to tell.  There are a lot of great cooks out there and I believe I am one of them.  Keep checking my website, I am in the process of writing a series of cook books of my favorite recipes.

Orange • California